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One less excuse not to use TTA

I got to watch the Simpsons last night!

On the rare occasions when I can go straight home after work I like to watch the Simpsons, which is on from 6-7 PM every week night.

But in the past the earliest bus I could get from Raleigh to Chapel Hill when I finished work was at 5:40. By the time the bus got to downtown Chapel Hill and I walked to my apartment it was usually 6:50. No Simpsons for me.

Well TTA has now added two extra routes in the morning and afternoon to give folks who work in Raleigh and live in Orange County more flexibility with their daily schedules.

The bus already left at 6, 7, and 8 AM. There are now 7:30 and 8:30 departures as well.

The old afternoon routes set off from Moore Square in downtown Raleigh at 4:30, 5:40, and 6:40. The new times are 4:40, 5:10, 5:40, 6:10, and 6:50.

What does this mean for me? Took the 5:10 bus home last night, walked in at 6:15 and got 45 minutes of Simpsons watching in!

TTA giving 20 pennies for your thoughts

As printed in the Chapel Hill Herald on Saturday, March 3rd:

Do you use public transportation very often? If not, what would you encourage you to use it more? Wireless Internet? More comfortable buses?

The Triangle Transit Authority is asking those questions in a creative web survey currently available on its site at Folks are given twenty “pennies” to spend on a variety of possible upgrades to buses as the agency makes replacements in its fleet.

Some of the items are pretty cheap. One-penny upgrades include things like expanding the front-of-bus rack to accommodate three bikes rather than the current two or to install 10 bike lockers per year at various stops around the Triangle.

Others are so expensive they will use up almost your entire “budget.”

For instance, putting a rear window on the back of the bus would cost 16 pennies and implementing Sunday service would require all of your money.

I take the bus every day to work in Raleigh at the Sierra Club so I devoted my greatest expenditure of six pennies to fuel the buses using B20 biodiesel.

FESTI-BUS for the rest of us!

No matter how much fun you have on Halloween, TTA invites everyone to celebrate FESTI-BUS on November 1st! TTA staff will be barnstorming around the region all day on November 1, bringing with them a few of the newest, most technologically advanced buses available on the market today. Brand New Demonstration Vehicles from Gillig, ORION, and OPTIMA bus companies will be coming to Chapel Hill from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Wednesday, November 1.

TTA has several events coming up in November where we will be soliciting public input on the design of TTA's next vehicle, as well as other topics pertaining to how we can improve our existing services. TTA will order these vehicles in 2007, and they will arrive in 2008. We want YOU to tell us what types of features and amenities these vehicles should have!

YOU will be able to walk onboard, kick the tires (gently), and take a survey about what you would like to see in the next generation of TTA buses. Everyone who attends FESTI-BUS and fills out our bus survey is eligible to WIN a $50 cash card just for giving your opinion!

N. Chatham Big Box (Wal-Mart?) A Step Closer

From the Chatham chatlist:

Lee-Moore Oil Co. requests rezoning of a 63.3 acre tract at the Chatham/Orange County line into a 29.4 acre conditional use B-1 business district and a 33.9 acre RA-40 residential district.

A separate request for the 29.4 acres is for a "home improvement center" and additional retail and shops. Of course once they get the permit for the "home improvement center" it doesn't matter what big box goes in.

Public Hearing September 18.

Immigration Backlash in Chatham

The News and Observer reports that the United Way of Chatham County has abruptly cut their funding to El Vinculo Hispano (The Hispanic Liaison). The United Way says that their move is because the organization has an overly high percentage of their budget dedicated to administrative costs. However, there seems to be ample evidence that the move is also motivated by a backlash to EVH's successful organization of immigrants rights rallies and advocacy in Siler City and Chatham County.



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