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Local lessons from Chernobyl

Progress Energy's Shearon-Harris nuclear facility has one of the largest stores of spent fuel rods in the US, a number of recently reported security problems and is slated for a couple new reactors in spite of a 1991 near meltdown.

Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster - with Lessons for the Triangle

When: Wednesday, April 26th, 7 to 9 pm
Where: McDougle Middle School,
900 Fayetteville Rd., Carrboro [MAP]

Hosted by NC-WARN.
Click here for more info (Word doc).

A Prayer for Chatham

According to the N&O Chatham regularly invokes Jesus prior to its Commissioner meetings. Bunky is saying Jesus taught him to pray, Outz says non-christians can leave the room, Emerson says his Jewish friends don't you?

"I always thought if they didn't like [the prayer], they could step outside," Commissioner Carl Outz said.

"I talked to a Jewish person about it, and he had no problem with the Lord's Prayer," Emerson said. The Lord's Prayer begins, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."

Doesn't seem like a very friendly and welcoming place to me. So, who wants to go to the next commissioner's meeting?

What Can the Triangle Do About the Coming Oil Peak?

As Triangle gasoline prices again top $2.50/gallon, NC Powerdown and the Duke Greening Initiative will sponsor the Triangle Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions on Saturday, March 25th, from 1 to 6 PM at Duke University's Love Auditorium.

Peak Oil is the time period in which the maximum production of oil (in millions of barrels per day) ever extracted from the earth occurs. Peak Oil may last for weeks, months, or even a few years. We are unlikely to know we have experienced Peak Oil until we are passed the peak. After the earth passes peak production, the gap between demand and supply will inexorably drive the price of petroleum-based products higher and higher. With 95% of America's transportation energy coming from oil products and much of our food being grown with petroleum-based fertilizers, the peaking of world oil supply has dramatic implications for the nation and the sprawling, mostly auto-dependent Triangle region.

It's transit time

Thanks to dent (The Independent Weekly's excellent politics blog) for pointing to a new web site that articulates the plans and the need for serious regional transit in the Triangle. highlights the current proposal for a rail line from downtown Raleigh, through Cary and RTP, ending in downtown Durham. It has the first credible explanation I've seen for why the airport is not in phase one, and it shows all the great additional lines that can extend the system in the future, including ones from Chapel Hill to Durham and from Chapel Hill to RTP.

The site even includes a handy form to e-mail a whole bunch of elected officials whose support is crucial to the project.

Bill Strom wins Goodmon Award

Today's DTH reports that Bill Strom is the 2005 winner of the Jim Goodmon Award for regional leadership by an elected official in the triangle.

The award will be presented by Leadership Triangle at a luncheon next week.

Bill has been a strong leader on the TTA Board of Directors, helped broker the purchase of Erwin Trace, and has worked on regional affordable housing initiatives with the Triangle J Council of Governments.

Bill is the first elected official from Orange County to receive this honor.

It's nice to see folks from around the triangle recognize the quality of one of our own elected officials!



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