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Speak out on CHT service cuts

Just today (WTF) I received this e-mail notice about a public hearing tonight to hear from local residents about the proposed cuts to Chapel Hill Transit service. Erin already blogged about the extensive cuts being proposed, so please read that  and then come out tonight or contact Chapel Hill Transit by one of the methods below. We have until June 8th to have our responses considered officially.

Public Input Session on Proposed Transit Service Adjustments

Posted Date: 6/1/2011

Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) will hold the first in a series of public input sessions on its proposed service adjustments for fiscal year 2011/12 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 1,  at the Chapel Hill Town Hall Council Chambers (405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.). 

For additional information on the proposed service adjustments and public input sessions please see the attachment to this email or visit If you are unable to attend one of the public input sessions you can submit comments by any of the following methods: 

1. Email to  

2. Call 919-969-4900 and press 1 for customer service 

3. Fax to 919-968-2840 

4. Mail to CHT, 6900 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516-8175


All comments received by 8 p.m. on June 8, 2011, will become part of the official public forum record and will be considered by CHT.

For complete information about CHT services, schedules, route changes or directions to the nearest CHT stop, visit us at, email or call a CHT customer service representative at 919-969-4900. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Chapel Hill Town Council Chambers, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

CH Transit hearing

@chtransit seeking input on routes & schedules.Thanks to this flyer I spotted on the bus last week, I went to the first of two public hearings held by Chapel Hill Transit this week. The second one is tomorrow (Tuesday) at Chapel Hill Town Hall.

I was running in and out of the meeting after my son who also likes buses, but isn't very patient with meetings. I did get a chance to say my piece, which included advice about making the time between buses ("headways") more consistent and supporting longer service hours. But it wasn't until chatting with Loren Hintz after the meeting that I learned that part of the purpose of the meeting is to get feedback for a major study that Chapel Hill Transit is undertaking,

The town website says that "The Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), a joint effort of CHT and its funding partners, Town of Chapel Hill, Town of Carrboro and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will lead to recommendations for service improvements for overall system efficiency and effectiveness." Apparently this includes major realignment of the routes, which is probably a good idea. Many of the routes haven't been updated for over a decade, and I think the community might be better served by rethinking how to create a web of service that includes more of a service grid (think: east-west connector along Estes Drive and linear routes on Greensboro, MLK, and Franklin, for example) and reduces the number of franken-routes like the J bus where you could ride for half an hour to go a distance that could be walked in 20 minutes.

Apparently this week's meetings are just the first in a series of events to collect and share information. If you can't make the hearing tomorrow, Chapel Hill Transit would still like your input via one of these methods: 

1. Call CHT at 919-969-4900, press 1
2. Email us at 
3. Fax to 919-968-2840 (Attn: COA)
4. Mail to CHT, Attn: COA, 6900 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516-8175 

What will you tell them?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 2:00pm


Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill

Connect Carrboro & Support Regional Transit!

Triangle Transit, along with its local partners Chapel Hill Transit and the Durham Area Transit Authority, is currently in the process of considering service changes along the 15-501 corridor.  These changes present the opportunity for some much-needed improvements in the service between these areas, and as a Chapel Hill resident, I'm looking forward to greater connectivity to Durham.  But I think it is equally important to remember our friends in Carrboro who could greatly benefit from direct service to Durham (and of course, Durhamites deserve the opportunity to visit Carrboro in turn!).  I'm proud to be a supporter of a local effort called Connect Carrboro. They recently formed a Facebook Page to help supporters who want to learn more.

Bus driver fired after fatal accident

I just got the following notice from the Chapel Hill Town Manager's offce:

We are saddened by the tragic accident of Valerie Hughes, who died on Oct. 28 after being struck by a bus while crossing a street in Chapel Hill. We wish to express our deepest sympathy to her family and to her friends.

The driver of the Chapel Hill Transit bus involved in the accident, James Orr, was placed on administrative leave without pay immediately. The Town of Chapel Hill conducted an internal investigation consistent with Town policy and statutory guidelines.

Effective November 3, 2008, James Orr, Transit Operator II was terminated as an employee of the Town of Chapel Hill.

The Town Council has expressed an ongoing concern with pedestrian safety, and this unfortunate accident highlights our need to continue and improve upon that effort.

Letters take liberties with logic

A couple of recent letters to the editor are stretching logic and hyperbole in order to make their points. I think they end up having the opposite effect. In today's Daily Tar Heel for example, senior Chris Garrison complains that "if Benito Mussolini can get public transportation to run on schedule" why can't Chapel Hill? Do we really have to answer that, Chris?

In last week's Independent Weekly, Sharon Cook wrote a letter taking issue with that paper's October 2007 characterization of her as a newcomer to the issue of justice for the African-American neighbors of the landfill. She accused the Indy of shoddy reporting, and explained her history of supporting her Rogers Road neighbors.



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