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Geeking out at OP

Some of you may remember that OrangePolitics has used three diferent content management systems in it's 7+ years. We started on MoveableType in 2003, moved to WordPress in 2004, and then made a huge leap to Drupal (and a managed server) at the very beginning of 2008. There are a few more changes coming for OrangePolitics. Some are technical and some are not, some will be obviously noticeable and some not so much (I hope). 

Making the most of OP

Now that the election is over (mostly) I'm turning some attention back to some nagging issues here on OP.  This site is never going to be gorgeous or as easy to use as one with a full-time staff dedicated to making it so, but I think there are ways to make some small changes that can have a big impact.

For example, I already added "more" links to some of the featured posts in the left hand sidebar of the front page, so that now you can get a bigger picture of the active conversations on the site, and you can browse all of the top-rated posts of the week (and see which ones are at the bottom, too).  In addition, there are still site stats available to registered users which show you which members and which posts are the most active (for better or worse).



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