NC Senate District 23

Moving to the Senate

Last Wednesday I was sworn in to the North Carolina Senate, filling the vacancy created by Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s retirement. I was humbled and honored by the committee’s decision Sunday as well as the outpouring of support I’ve received in the last few weeks.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sen. Kinnaird for her continued service to North Carolina, to the members of the State Senate District Executive Committee for trusting me with their vote, and to the entire Democratic Party for running a fair and honest process.

I want you to know that I see this new position as a responsibility. Senate District 23 is the progressive core of North Carolina and we need a legislator who is both a passionate advocate for liberal causes, following the example set by Ellie Kinnaird, and also effective in a hostile environment.

6 days left to lobby the 4 Dems who will pick our next state senator. They want to hear from you at

Election by appointment

Come back with me to the summer of 2009. Filing just ended for the Chapel Hill Town Council and Mayoral races when powerhouse Council Member Bill Strom suddenly announced he was resigning and moving to New York. Strom was called "Machiavellian" and much worse.

First it was just the typical Strom haters that accused him of attempting to manipulate the process by waiting until just after the filing period, so that his replacement could be chosen by his friends on the Town Council. Strom himself claimed the timing was purely accidental. However, in the following weeks information trickled out showing that Strom’s actions were every bit as intentional as they looked to the skeptics.

phone calls and surveys

I received two political phone calls yesterday. One was from Citizens United. It played a long speech from Mike Huckabee about health care. He repeated all the old odd statements about Obamacare even including "death panels". After it finished a human came on line and asked for a donation and an offer to send me a "free" book. I complained about all the false sttements Huckabee made and pointed out the need for universal health care. The Citizens United person politely thanked me for my opinion and suggested I look at their website.  The next call was from PPP and surveyed us on our choice for State Senate. Do folks with only cell phones get these calls?

Via email, letters and phone I have received 9 invitations for Chapel Hill Town Council forums, 3 interviews and 4 questionaires. The Independent will send out their questions in mid September. Sierra Club/Chamber of Commerce and Friends of Bolin Creek/ Neighborhoods have not set the dates yet for their forums.I was able to attend 4  of the advisory board feedback meetings this summer and hope to attend the LUMO meetings in September.


Senatorial District 23 Committee Informational Meeting

The NC Senatorial District 23 Democratic Party Executive Committee will convene an informational meeting for candidates interested in seeking the appointment to replace Former Senator Ellie Kinnaird at this meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the process, hear brief statements from declared candidates, allow Executive Committee members to ask questions of the candidates, and to allow for public comments. The meeting is unofficial and optional and open to the public.

You can read more about the candidates interested in replacing Former Senator Kinnaird here.

There are four members on this committee, two from Orange County, who control 446 votes, and two from Chatham County, who control 212 votes. The members of the committee are as follows:

  • Wanda Hunter, Orange County,, 919-929-9655
  • Samantha Cabe, Orange County, 919-928-5701
  • Donald Knowles, Chatham County, 919-968-0844
  • George Lucier, Chatham County, 919-548-4151

The committee will convene on September 8th at the Chatham County Library to make the official appointment. Full information about this meeting can be found here.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 7:00pm


Post Office/Old Courthouse Building, 179 East Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC



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