NC Senate District 23

Carey in 2010

Did anyone else see the Moses Carey ad in Sunday's Chapel Hill News? (Pictured below.) It says "Please consider supporting me again in 2010."

Yes, he did just say that. By announcing his intent to run in 2 years, I assume that Moses hopes to scare off any other potential challengers. This will certainly put a crimp in Ellie's plans to recruit a woman to run for the seat. Even though Moses only got about a third of the vote this time, I think he would still be a strong candidate against a potential non-incumbent opponent.

Do I detect a Clinton-esque determination? 

Duke Energy vs. Ellie Kinnaird

I know as a long time observer of campaign finance issues, it is rare that a major corporate political action committee gives to an incumbent’s opponent in a primary. So I noted with interest that Duke Energy’s PAC gave Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s opponent $2000 in this primary. Ellie was the only state senator to vote against Senate Bill 3 which, although sold as renewable energy bill, was hijacked by the utilities so that it shifted most of the financial risk for building new coal and nuclear plants to the ratepayers.

Ellie saw this bill clearly for what it was, spoke out strongly against it, and clearly incurred the wrath of Duke Energy. As Democracy NC found in its research, in the four years ending in 2006, Duke Energy and Progress Energy averaged investments of $10,000 per North Carolina legislator in campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures.

It doesn’t work with our good senator. She represents us instead. Let’s keep it that way.

Money talks

Thanks to The Independent Weekly for their recent article uncovering who is funding some of the most contentious local campaigns.

We already knew that statewide realtors and developer interests were funding the opposition to the Land Transfer Tax, including deceptive mailings and robocalls. Now we can see just how much money they are pouring in to fight this modest proposal. Fiona Morgan reports that the realtors had raised $234,239 as of April 28th.

The committee has spent $205,115 on direct mailings, polls and ads. With 95,805 registered voters in Orange County, that amounts to $2.14 spent per voter as of April 18, more than two weeks before the election.

- Independent Weekly: Orange: Sprawl lobby just says no to LTT, 4/30/08

Ellie & Moses debate tonight

As far as I know, tonight's Chamber of Commerce/EmPOWERment/League of Women Voters event at Chapel Hill Town Hall is the only chance to see Senator Ellie Kinnaird and her challenger Commissioner Moses Carey in a direct dialog before their primary contest. I'd like to tell you more about the event, but only the LWV web site even lists it on their calendar, and they offer less info than the Chamber's press release (which is posted here).

Apparently it will also be broadcast on WCHL 1360 AM (live?) so if you can't make it tune in there and watch this space for updates from yours truly, who is bringing her laptop.

(PS: This and other items from our calendar are now listed under Upcoming events at the bottom of every page on OP.)

Corrected at 5:05pm 4/9/08.

Rally for Moses!

Women for Carey, a group supporting county commissioner and North Carolina Senate candidiate Moses Carey, are holding a “Rally for Moses” on April 13 at the Big Barn in Hillsborough from 4 to 6 p.m.

The event is free to the public and will feature live music by the Baron Tymas Jazz Trio, the St. Paul AME Church Men’s Choir and Billy and Anne Barnes. Recorded music will be provided by Monty Clark of the Doug Clark Hot Nuts Group.

Light refreshments will be served.


Sunday, April 13, 2008 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm


Big Barn in Hillsborough



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