May 2009

Weaver Street Market Board Meeting

The Agenda for our May 20 Board Meeting includes major reports from the General Manager on our financial position and on our Owner Investment and Return policy. Both of these items have been out of compliance in recent months and the GM will be reporting on his progress and plans to get us back on track.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - 2:15pm to 5:15pm


Corner Building (corner of Weaver St and Greensboro St; aka WCOM or Community Realty building), Carrboro

2009 Kodak American Greenways Program Grants


The Program operated by The Conservation Fund invites land trusts, local governments, and other organizations to submit proposals for small greenway project grants. Funded projects typically advance one or more of the following Program goals: 

Town Council and UNC Trustees meeting on Carolina North


Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 3:00pm


Extraordinary Ventures, 200 Eliott Road, Chapel Hill

Millhouse Road is in the Rogers/Eubanks neighborhood

You can't turn your back on the BOCC for a second. The Rogers/Eubanks community is back in the mix for the Transfer Station. As I have said previously the fight for environmental justice is far from over and vigilance is required. What is Foy thinking? And Jacobs was the original Sassaman buddy so Jacob's position is no surprise.

My heart goes out Reverend Campbell and Neloa Jones. Just as it appears that they are approaching the top of the mountain, voila, there is another vertical cliff to scale.


Why should you speak up for the CHS Arts Wing during this difficult budget year?

Little Shop of HorrorsThe Arts Wing does not compete with teaching positions for funding.  Construction projects are funded through construction bonds NOT the operating budget.
  • Federal stimulus package provides $5.5 million in interest-free loans for qualified school construction.  The County Commission needs to vote to accept these funds, which would

How can a street just magically become a driveway?

So I'm exploring this past weekend.  I take Jones Ferry Rd. through Carrboro and over University Lake and then I turn right onto Old Greensboro Rd.  I go a few miles and I make a right onto Neville Rd.  I had never been out there before.  I was just exploring.  I saw a left with a street sign so I decided to take it.  I turned left from Neville Rd. onto Farmstead Dr.

After I turn onto Farmstead Dr., perhaps 100-150 feet ahead I see signs that say "Keep Out" and "No Trespassing."  There is nothing else on the road before those signs.  I guess that means it's a town road for 100-150 feet and then it magically becomes someones driveway.

 I had two choices at that point.  One was to go onto this persons property and turn around and I figured I shouldn't do that since there was not one but two signs warning me to stay away.  My other choice was to back out onto Neville Rd.  The length of visibility was pretty good because the road was straight but at the same time the fact that the road was straight meant that other cars would be barrelling ass on it. 

NC against H8

I couldn't find any events in NC, so I'm making one.

If anyone is nearby and has 8 minutes to spare, I'm going down to the Court House (symbolic right?) in down town Chapel Hill across from the university. I figure the most open minded part of this state has to have some kind of event.

I've still got my sign from the November protests, and I've got some equality NC brochures that we could pass out. I'm going even if I have to stand alone. Its a little muggy, but I think the rain has cleared up. If there are any other North Carolinians who want to stand with our family & friends & allies in California, then feel free to meet me down their at 8.

Its a work night for me, gotta be up at 5:00 am, so I can't stay down there long, but I think we can at least muster this symbolic gesture for our allies in California.

Soliciting rumors: Who's running in 2009?

Hey folks. Sorry for the interlude. I've been reading your comments, but between learning how to be a parent and starting to work again, I have not had much time to go to meetings or post on OP.

I can't help but notice on our calendar that the window for candidate filing is starting to sneak up. Any thoughts about who will be running for municipal and school board offices this year?

Exhibit & discussion: Documenting Neighborhood History in the Rogers Road Community

Via UNC News Service:

For 37 years, the Rogers Road community in Chapel Hill has been at the center of a public  debate about the impact of the Orange County Landfill, which borders the neighborhood.

An exhibit opening June 12 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will tell a deeper story, uncovering more than two centuries of the community’s history.

 rogers road
Irving and Frances Nunn with their children in 1927
Photo credit: North Carolina Collection,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The exhibit, “We’re all Family Here: Preserving Community Heritage in the Rogers Road Neighborhood of Chapel Hill,” will be open until Aug. 31 in the North Carolina Collection Gallery of Wilson Library.

In a free public program at 5:45 p.m. June 25 in the library, residents will discuss their history. Panelists for the program, “Documenting Neighborhood History in the Rogers Road Community of Chapel Hill,” will include the Rev. Robert Campbell, other members of the community and researcher Emily Eidenier. The program will follow a reception and exhibit viewing at 5 p.m.



Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 1:00pm


NC Collection, Wilson LIbrary, UNC Campus

Weaver Street Market moving from Discounts to Dividends

Weaver Street Market will change the way it rewards consumer owners. Starting at the end of June, consumer owners will receive a Patronage Dividend at the end of the year rather than a 5% discount on some products at the cash register. The co-op will also eliminate its 10% discount for senior citizens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Like many businesses, Weaver Street Market is going through a difficult financial time; the change is expected to save the co-op $60,000 per month. “Changing from discounts to dividends, along with other changes that our staff is making, will put us back in the black,” said Dave Rizzo, Chair of the Board of Directors. The co-op is currently losing $65,000 a month primarily because sales are down 12% compared to last year in its Carrboro and Southern Village locations. The lower sales are due to the economy and increased competition.



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