November 2009

NC Can Do Better Than First in Flight

My work as a Daytonian in NC is never finished:


Future of the Town Council Without Broad Representation

By Michelle Cotton Laws, President of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP
(Also submitted to Mayor Kevin Foy.)

On behalf of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP, I am writing to express our concerns over what appears to be some post-election jockeying about who the Council should appoint to the vacant seat left by Bill Strom. Buttressing our concerns is the outcome of the recent elections which have resulted in what will be a racially homogeneous Council that does not reflect the broader Chapel Hill community. While some Council members (and their constituents) may feel comfortable with this outcome and argue that “the people” spoke through the casting of their votes, there are others—including the NAACP—who believe that the results of the election have left us in a similar place where the “Founding” American colonists were when they protested against the British Crown through the historical Boston Tea party -- “taxation without representation” for many Chapel Hill residents in particularly a relatively large and deeply rooted African American community.

Election law changes for 2010 - late absentee ballots accepted

Because of rightful pushback from military and overseas voters, the 2009 General Assembly made some significant changes in the absentee voting law effective 1/1/2010, among them:

1) Number of witnesses on an absentee ballot dropped from two to one

2) For the presidential general election, ballots will be mailed out 60 days before the election, rather than 50 days.

3) Current law requires ballots to be received by 5:00 pm on the DAY BEFORE the election. New law provides for ALL PRIMARIES AND ELECTIONS that:

        a. for military and overseas voters, ballot must be received  by 5:00 pm on Friday, three days AFTER the election. There is no postmark requirement, as the military rarely uses postmarks.

        b. for all other voters voters, ballot must be postmarked no later than day of election, and ballot must be received  by 5:00 pm on Friday, three days AFTER the election.

Kenan Stadium fly-over practice

From Linda Convissor:

Saturday marks the end of the home football season with Carolina kicking-off against the University of Miami Hurricanes at 3:30 p.m.


Just prior to kickoff, four Marine F/A-18 Hornet jets will fly over Kenan Stadium.  The F/A-18s are part of the VMFA-122 squadron known as the 'Werewolves', and are based out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina.  One of the pilots is UNC alumnus Captain Benjamin Apple, class of 2003.


Practice runs will be made on Friday between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.  Of course, bad weather or aircraft schedule changes could affect the flight plans for Friday and Saturday.


The jets will be flying low and be quite loud, so we wanted to give you advance warning.



Friday, November 13, 2009 - 9:00am to 10:00am


Kenan Stadium and surrounding area

Millhouse, Eubanks, Rogers Rd - again ...

Been reading for awhile, this is my first blog post on this forum ...

If you have driven down Millhouse Road in the last couple of days you may have noticed the signs opposing the siting of the Waste Transfer Station. When the CH Town Council decided not to offer the pie-shaped slice of land near the Town Operations Center many of us who live, work, or send our kids to school in that area breathed a sigh of relief. But we also knew that Orange County had their sights on a second property ...

Sidewalks for Estes?

A few years ago, the voters of Carrboro approved a couple million dollar bond issue to build sidewalks in various locations around Carrboro. One of the projects on the list was a sidewalk on the south side of Estes Drive Extension from the railroad tracks to North Greensboro Street.  But the sidewalk bond money has not gone as far as people had hoped. Considerably higher engineering, materials, labor, drainage and utility-relocation costs have cropped up and we will not be able to build the entire original list of sidewalks with the bond money. Also, in the intervening years, the Town annexed neighborhoods on the west side of Rogers Road and it became apparent that Rogers Road was a place that needed a sidewalk, but had not been on the list before because it was not within town limits.

The ReCYCLEry is Looking for a New Home

Hey all,

The ReCYCLEry is running out of time to find a new home.  We have been in discussions with the town of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, partner organizations, local businesses and private citizens, but don't have anything solid yet.  We are scheduled to move out of our temporary location at the end of the year and we have some options, but currently the options neither fulfill the need to be easily accessible in the community, nor have any potential permanence.

We've got a newly expanded and active board and are finally on a tight path to official non-profit status, but without a good home then neither of those have a great effect.  

Thanks for all the support you have given in the past, and thanks in advance for any suggestions or even seemingly far-fetched ideas you may contribute.  Please spread the word.  If you can help us, please contact us via or 919-533-9196.  We are posting updates at the following locations:


twitter: (Recyclery_nc)

Campaign Signs Still Up

I saw lots still up the weekend after election day but I didn't get out much this past weekend so I don't know how many are still up.  But I figured it'd be good for people to be able to list what they see whoever put them up might realize they're still up.

There is one for Easthom on South Columbia St where Old Pittsboro Rd breaks off.  If someone assures me it's okay I'll take it down myself since I walk past it each day.

 List the ones you see.

Community workshop on bike/walk way between Carolina North and Main Campus

Please Join Us for a Community Workshop to share ideas for a bike/walk way between Carolina North and Main Campus

When: December 1, 5:30-7:30 PM
Where:  Suite 133G University Square

This workshop will be an opportunity to share ideas, suggestions and information to explore the location for a greenway and bike path connection between the Carolina North campus and the Main UNC Campus.  We are seeking a pathway that is not located within the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. roadway and that avoids steep grades where feasible.  It may include existing or planned greenways for a portion of the route.

There will be a brief introduction by Town and University staff about existing conditions between the two campuses.  Staff will also share some examples of the kind of opportunities we’re seeking for new routes through the neighborhoods or using portions of the existing and planned greenway system.

The majority of the workshop will be spent in an open session, focused on gathering input from the participants, including students, residents, technical experts, advisory boards and community groups about approaches to connectivity.

We’re looking for your ideas, suggestions, opinions and information, so please come prepared to tell us what you think!

If you have a question for the Town, call The Town of Chapel Hill Planning Department at:
(919) 968-2728.  If you have a question for the University, contact Jill Coleman at

You may also send comments to or check the website for more information:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 12:30pm


Suite 133G, University Square

Chapel Hill endorses Bingham site for landfill

"Whereas, the landfill site presently being used by the Town of Chapel Hill is no longer adequate, and . . . whereas Orange County presently has an option on a site in Bingham Township . . . now therefore be it resolved that the Chapel Hill board . . . strongly urges the Orange County Commissioners to execise their option on the Bingham Township site for a future sanitary landfill,



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