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Monday, August 13, 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:45pm


Central Office Boardroom

What to name Elementary #11?

Back in March, members of the OCTS-Lincoln-Northside alumni group spoke at a CHCCS School Board meeting asking that we name the new elementary school, located between McMasters and Caldwell, "Northside Elementary" to continue the proud tradition of education that has occurred on that site.

In our board meeting tonight,  there was a suggestion from a board member that we go ahead and act quickly on this, while we have plenty of things like Common Core and redistricting to worry about and we're down a staff member for community relations who would normally drive this process, and make the easy decision to name Elementary #11 as Northside Elementary.

OP has been a great source for name ideas before.  How does this community feel about resurrecting the Northside name for this elementary school?

Great news - grant available to cover AP test fees for low-income students across NC

It sounds like Chapel Hill High is going from bad to worse with teachers being involuntarily reassigned.

Shocking stats on race and school suspensions in Orange County and especially Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools.



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