Whither Kerr Drug, University Mall?

Kerr Drugs will soon move from University Mall to a new location on rte. 54.

That may not seem a particularly earthshaking bit of news. However, for those of us who have a long-standing relationship with that pharmacy, it is a bit of a tremor. For those of us watching the economy change the paths and patterns of Chapel Hill, and for those who've kept an eye on the Mall ever since Belk closed and the K&W moved, through at least two (is it?) changes of ownership, it's at the very least a notable rumble underfoot.

As I learned visiting in Florida, Dillard's recently announced that it was closing both Sarasota stores, shocking the non-Saks shoppers in the area and, even more, the other occupants of the Dillard’s-anchored malls. I instantly thought of the valiant survival of our University Mall Dillard's, despite the opening of Southpoint and shifting ideas about the Mall’s target market. It's hard not to wonder whether it can yet survive the shaky consumer economy, especially if the parent company is sharpening its cost-cutting razors.

On being a library in hard times

Worry about the effect of the economic downturn coupled with changes in information technology is generating a lot of consterned discussion among those concerned with the history and future of libraries. Worries start with concern about reducing public access to books and book culture, as well as to the eroding relationship of public and research libraries to the educational system.

But libraries - the municipal buildings themselves and the staff therein - also see challenging changes in their community functions when times get hard.

CANCELLED! Movie: 'Who Killed the Electric Car' at the Trains


Today the President announced loans for bailing out the automotive industry. While it is important to save jobs, fuel efficiency improvements and safeguards for consumers and the environment have not been a part of any of the failed legislation considered by Congress up until now, and much less by the administration in today's announcement.  With this bail-out our government is demonstrating once again, as with the financial bail-out, a catastrophic shortsightedness.  We are missing a great opportunity for retrofitting our highly carbon intensive infrastructure.  We could be dealing with global warming and peak oil while at the same time priming the real economy.

CANCELLED: the Carrborogreenspace (The WITT in exile) will be presenting 'Who Killed the Electric Car" at the Station at Southern Rail (201-c East Main Street), Carrboro.  The auto-industry has actively continued to ignore all the signs that would have lead to a saner predicament then the one that they find themselves in today.  This movie demonstrates the complicity that we are inheriting as our govenment throws money away to an industry that could be made to do better....  come out, inform yourself, and hold your Representative accountable to the highest standards.  Discussion to follow after the movie.


The Station at The Southern Rail, 2201-c East Main St., Carrboro

CHPL ver. 4.0

I think we are in about the 4th iteration of the Chapel Hill Public Library debate, but whatever the number, it's an important debate about an important issue.  Four things stick out to me:

First, the Town Council has delayed moving forward with the addition.  As much as I want to see it built, the current economic situation being what it is gave them little choice. When the situation is more favorable I'm sure that they will move forward.

Rep. Price on Automobile Industry Bailout

This week after a lot of theatre by Democrats in Congress appearing to be tough on the big three, the automotive industry is likely to be bailed out.  Congress rejected the initial proposal by the automakers and asked them to come back with a better proposal and not in Leer jets.  They came back with their new proposals by car. 



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