October 2008

It's on!

Early voting starts today!  Here's a handy list of locations and hours via the Chapel Hill Herald:

Why Dems for Lawson Support BJ Lawson

Why we support B.J. Lawson
This is a community of Democrats in and around the 4th District of North Carolina, and indeed from around the entire state and the entire country, who support the campaign of William "B.J." Lawson for House of Representatives. You may ask why we support B.J. when there is an 11-term and well-known Democratic incumbent, David Price, currently representing the 4th District. Well, for starters:

On Civil Rights & Marriage Equality. One last chance to fight back.

Donate by Sunday at midnight to have your donation matched. Out of state interest groups have flooded in millions of dollars to try to pay away gay marriage as a state's right for CA, & they're winning, but not by much. If marriage equality ceases to exist to CA, a center for the gay rights movement, then it could just as easily be stripped away in CT & MA. If that happens I, & many others will never have a chance to be married in our lifetimes. This will be decided on election night, & early voting is already underway in CA. The donation has to happen now to have a chance to be used to change minds in time. Have you ever wondered, if I had been an adult during the early days of the struggle for civil rights regardless of race, & of women's rights/suffrage, would I have taken action or sat on the sidelines?

Well this civil rights struggle is going on right now, this vote in CA is the battleground it is going to be fought on, & this is your last chance to move off the sidelines.

I Stand Corrected

Before I elaborate on my mea culpa, let me assure the gentile reader I have not wavered one iota in my opposition to this ill conceived airport idea. In fact I am more dedicated than ever :)

I had the opportunity to exchange emails with House Speaker Hackney on the subject of my claim that S1925 bypasses county zoning ordinances. Speaker Hackney asserted that S1925 did not circumvent zoning and that he had put specific language into the bill that prevented Orange county zoning from being bypassed. I told him was not a lawyer, but I still had concerns.

Speaker Hackney pointed to this specific language in S1925:

Tues. Evening - Democratic Rally at Fearrington Barn

Fearrington Democratic Rally

The Fearrington Democratic Club invites residents of FearringtonVillage, Galloway Ridge, Chatham and OrangeCounty to a Democratic Rally in the Fearrington Barn October 21, 2008. Come meet and hear your Democratic elected officials running for election or re-election. The social period runs from 6:30-7:15 PM with a cash bar service. There will be short election of officers for the Fearrington Democratic Club at 7:15 and then we will hear from US Rep.

The Public in Public Hearings

I am responding to various comments I've noticed here and there about public involvement in governance. The primary stimulus was David Beck's post Is the 300 East Main proposal worth supporting?, in which he stated, "It seems there is a surprisingly low amount of public focus on a project that will undoubtedly reshape Carrboro," which was followed by some comments about the frequency and openness of the public hearings (here, here, here, and here). Similar sentiments can be found in the posts Increase Citizen Input and Desperately seeking Democracy.

My question is this: By what means are citizens made aware of significant events in our local politics?

Election Night Venue = ?

Since most of us have already voted, it's not too soon to settle on a place to convene on Election Night.  The Station and Milltown in Carrboro come to mind; so does Spice Street in University Mall.  OCSC is out because it's too smoky.  Any other ideas?  We just got a big TV and would be happy to host here, but Berkeley wants to join a crowd somewhere. 

Eubanks Road off the preferred list (for now)

The Board of County Comissioners finally has seen fit to not included Eubanks Road in the narrowed list of proposed sites for the transfer station. While it ain't over till it's over, this is most welcome news. It looks like the BOCC has made strides in redemption by coming down this time for social and environmental justice.

The fight that the Rogers/Eubanks road community has waged for their neighborhood now has victory in their sights and with that victory will come a victory for the soul of Orange County. This has been a struggle that has taken decades.

Special kudos go to Reverend Robert Campbell and Neloa Jones for showing the perseverance and fortitude to make their case time and time again and lead their community against the odds. It proves that community activism and participation can make a real difference and overcome what at times seem like a never-ending series of obstacles.

However, vigilance is still required.


Lawson according to Price on issues

In a recent letter to constituents, Representative David Price described opposition candidate BJ Lawson's position on various issues.  It would be informative to get BJ Lawson's point by point response to each issue as described by Representative David Price.  Similarly, it would be informative to get Representative David Price's response to Price according to Lawson on the issues. I don't have the time to compile or find this one, if someone does please post it in the same format as this post but as a separate post.  Lets hope to get their responses ...

Airport Meeting (and candidates' decorum)

The meeting this evening in White Cross, near the top-ranked 'Site H' for UNC air operations after RDU, was very well attended and full of reasonable information, some of which was recently brought out in the Indy. I encourage participation in further meetings organized by http://preserveruralorange.org.



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