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former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last week

former Carrboro Alderman Nancy White died last Monday at age 89. She served on the Carrboro town board in the '70s, from her obit:
"She became active in local politics as a member of the Carrboro Community Coalition, and was a lifelong Yellow Dog Democrat. In the mid to late '70s Nancy served on the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

Elections Maps on the State Board website

There are lots of nice election result maps linked from here:

click on "contest detail map" for the race you are interested in, and from there you can ask for "view enlarge map", though the key does not come with the enlargement. Also note that early votes will not be reallocated back to the precinct totals and maps for aout 90 days.

For example Chapel Hill Council

(for Durham part of this, see

to get to

Durham's big margin for transit -- Orange to vote in 2012?

Durham's  60% to 40% margin for the 1/2 percent transit sales tax eclipsed Mecklenburg's 58-42 margin on its initial vote on the same issue in 1998. In 2012, the two allowed dates for a similar referendum are the primary (currently scheduled for May) and the November general election. Putting the issue on the ballot will involve approval by the Orange County Commissioners, the Durham-Chapel Hill Carrboro MPO, the Burlington-Alamance MPO, and the Triangle Transit Board.

Filling vacancies: school board, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro

Up til 1955 the CH Town Council filled vacancies on the school board, then it went to elections to fill vacancies, but the local acts were unclear how to deal with this. The general law just said refer to the local act. In 1973 there was a 2 year vacancy and the Board of Elections put it on the ballot as a separate election. The powers that be did not like this, and the school board asked the legislature to change this so the low vote-getting winner got a shorter term. The legislature did this in 1974, then did it again in in 1975.

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