About This Web Site

About this web site

DTH Coverage

I missed this, maybe you didn't. Daily Tarheel story about this web site, "Orangepolitics.org -- hip, no frills, and far from balanced?"

Happy Birthday to Us...

OrangePolitics.org is one month old today. Thanks for reading... and writing!

I am really thrilled with the level of community engagement we've seen here, and I think we can do even more! If you have any suggestions for the site, please let us know with your comments. Anything from design ideas, to feature suggestions, to new topics... your ideas are all welcome.

How to Support This Site

Hey folks. I don't plan to make a regular habit of this, but as you can imagine a significant investment of my time and money has gone into the contruction of this web site - not to mention the time and energy of the the authors.

Just in case you would like to make a concrete demonstration of your appreciation of our efforts, here are a few ways you can help:

Welcome to OrangePolitics.org!

Hello and welcome to this brand-new effort to help local residents get more informed and engaged in the civic life of southern Orange County. In addition to regular postings by local activists on a variety of issues, listed below are some other resources we might offer at this site. Please add your own comments and let us know what you think, make suggestions, etc.

  • weekly or monthly polls on local issues
  • listing of local elected officials (possibly with profiles or short bios)
  • listserv to announce major updates and events
  • calendar of local events (eg: forums)
  • host monthly meet-ups

About Us

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