WXYC News Election Eve Eve Special

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WXYC News Election Eve Eve Special, Sunday  November 2d, 5 PM

This Sunday, November 2d, at 5 PM, political reporter and analyst  Chris Brook will be joining me for a special Election Eve Eve edition  of WXYC News. We'll have the (almost) final word on developments in  the Presidential race, and Chris's overview of the battleground  states, including our own home state, North Carolina. We'll also be  talking about the NC Senate and Gubernatorial races, and we'll wind  up the hour with a review of what to look for on Election Night and  Chris's final predictions of election results. We hope you'll tune in.

Rick Igou


Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 12:00pm

Lawson according to Price on issues

In a recent letter to constituents, Representative David Price described opposition candidate BJ Lawson's position on various issues.  It would be informative to get BJ Lawson's point by point response to each issue as described by Representative David Price.  Similarly, it would be informative to get Representative David Price's response to Price according to Lawson on the issues. I don't have the time to compile or find this one, if someone does please post it in the same format as this post but as a separate post.  Lets hope to get their responses ...

Election Night Venue = ?

Since most of us have already voted, it's not too soon to settle on a place to convene on Election Night.  The Station and Milltown in Carrboro come to mind; so does Spice Street in University Mall.  OCSC is out because it's too smoky.  Any other ideas?  We just got a big TV and would be happy to host here, but Berkeley wants to join a crowd somewhere. 

Tues. Evening - Democratic Rally at Fearrington Barn

Fearrington Democratic Rally

The Fearrington Democratic Club invites residents of Fearrington Village, Galloway Ridge, Chatham and Orange County to a Democratic Rally in the Fearrington Barn October 21, 2008. Come meet and hear your Democratic elected officials running for election or re-election. The social period runs from 6:30-7:15 PM with a cash bar service. There will be short election of officers for the Fearrington Democratic Club at 7:15 and then we will hear from US Rep.

Why Dems for Lawson Support BJ Lawson

Why we support B.J. Lawson
This is a community of Democrats in and around the 4th District of North Carolina, and indeed from around the entire state and the entire country, who support the campaign of William "B.J." Lawson for House of Representatives. You may ask why we support B.J. when there is an 11-term and well-known Democratic incumbent, David Price, currently representing the 4th District. Well, for starters:



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