Transit Tax Referendum

Wondering how we got here? Here are a year of posts about the issues leading up to and about the Transit Tax Referendum. These and more are at Please add any additional resources as comments on this page.

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The Transit Referendum: Support and Opposition

Blog entry Submitted by Jason Baker on Sun, 10/28/2012.   7 comments

For better or for worse, our local media works hard to give equal air time to both sides of the story. Some may fault them as giving too much voice to an opinion which represents a small minority of residents, others may thank them for giving life to a discussion. Regardless of what you think, it's sometimes difficult to cut through the noise. So where does the community stand on the whole?

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Half a Cent for Our Transit Future

Blog entry Submitted by Damon Seils on Sun, 10/07/2012. 33 comments

In a February work session of the county commissioners, Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt took the podium to present a sweeping overview of the past 25 years of his town's approach to land use planning. Speaking with the didactic urgency we now expect from Kleinschmidt when he's both prepared and fired up, the mayor encouraged the commissioners to maintain their commitment to long-term planning for public transportation by adopting the Orange County transit plan.

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The Social Justice of Public Transit

Blog entry Submitted by Molly De Marco on Sun, 09/30/2012. 2 comments

After years of planning and community discussion, the Orange County Board of Commissioners recently placed a referendum on the November ballot for a half-cent sales tax to support public transit. Together with state and federal contributions, the new revenue will support a 20-year investment in bus and rail service in Orange County. There are many reasons to support the transit tax, like reducing the environmental degradation wreaked by overreliance on car travel and the sprawl it generates. Often overlooked are the benefits of public transit for marginalized populations.

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Our Turn for Transit

Blog entry Submitted by Geoff Green on Tue, 04/17/2012. 40 comments

The Orange County Board of Commissioners will vote in May, one week after the primary election, whether to put a half-cent transit tax on the ballot for voters to decide. The transit tax is a critical component of our region's long-term transit and growth plans, and it's time for Orange County voters to join Durham County and vote for expanded transit service to ensure a more sustainable Orange County in the future.



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